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We are currently trying to upgrade 3D-i-Vision to a super group in order to further accomodate our members and our love for 3D art. If you would like to support this goal, please consider donating here.


Rules & More

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our little corner on Deviantart. 3D-i-vision is a group created and managed by 3D Artists and is meant to host 3D Art. Our goal is to promote 3D Art regardless of the software it was created with, such as Blender, 3DMax, Cinema 4D, Poser, DAZ Studio, Vue etc.

It is our belief that 3-dimensional art does not receive the proper attention and recognition it deserves by the Deviantart community as a whole, thus we strive to further promote it with Daily Deviation suggestions, when we feel that one of our members has submitted a noteworthy deviation. These suggestions of course do not guarantee a Daily Deviation feature since it is still in the hands of a gallery moderator to decide, yet the chances will be certainly higher and we are very proud, for already having succeeded in this endeavor more than a few times.

As almost any other group, here on Deviantart, we have a set of rules regarding joining the group and submitting deviations in the group’s galleries; but before we inform you about that, we would like to stress out a concern, that is far more important to us than any of our other standards. This concern is member behavior. Whether you are a 3D model creator or a 3D illustrator, we find it meaningless, not to mention immature, arguing between us on trivial issues instead of appreciating and enjoying everybody’s 3D art regardless of the category it falls under. Upon noticing such member behaviors, involved parties will suffer a ban from the group along with their submitted deviations.



- Group membership requests are not open (they are not automatically accepted upon request).

- Every 3D Artist is welcome to submit a request for membership.

- Rejecting a request is not a permanent action.

In Detail

Every 3D Artist is welcome to enquire entry and join us. Upon submitting your request, we will examine your gallery, primarily to make sure that you are indeed a 3D artist and furthermore to decide whether your work meets our standards; standards that are described thoroughly below in the “artwork submission” section. Usually the aforementioned process doesn’t take long but please be patient, since even though we run this group with love, it’s not more important than our real lives. In the event of a rejection, a reason will most likely be given through the comments on the Group membership process. Please don’t feel disheartened as you can re-enquire for a Group membership once you feel that your work has improved; and make sure you state so in the comments of your next Group membership request since nothing makes us happier than an evolving artist. Having other type of art in your gallery is not a negative aspect towards the evaluation of your Group membership request as long as you also have enough 3D artworks.



- Members of the group have the right to submit their artworks.

- The founder, co-founders and contributors of the group have the right to also submit non-member artworks (The artist’s permission is required).

- The Artworks submitted are evaluated quality-wise (not by the highest of standards) before being accepted into the group.

- Members can submit one artwork per day (this is subject to change based on member population).

- It is imperative that you choose a corresponding gallery folder matching the concept or category of your artwork.

- Purchased product and Free product crediting is desired.

- We don't accept hate, porn or racist themed art.

- Fanart is welcome only accompanied by crediting the copyright holders.

In Detail

Don't submit everything you make, our galleries are not an extension of your own gallery. Pick the artworks you believe that are good enough to represent you, to show your skills, because even though we are not an elitist group, we want to distinguish this group from other 3D groups that will accept anything quality or quantity wise.

In general the artworks should conform to

# an interesting or original idea

# and if not the above, regular concepts should have a good up to significant realization, texturing*and lighting*

* Work in Progress artworks are excluded and should be submitted in the Work in Progress gallery ONLY!

Furthermore on quality, even though we don’t object towards artistic nudity, we are extremely tired of all the simple nude renders aiming only to display the human form in various sizes and from various angles. It has to be esthetically interesting and creative. We do not under any circumstances allow hate, porn or racist themed art.

If we believe that your artwork does not meet our quality requirements, we will decline your submission without sharing the specific reasons. This does not mean that you are not allowed to submit another artwork or even the same if you have evolved it. If you strongly object to this and feel that you need an explanation, please use the comments on the Deviation submission process to ask. We will then reply to you and furthermore give a helpful critique if you wish it.

Please try and select the corresponding gallery that best fits the concept or category of your art. If you are having difficulties deciding, take a look at this journal and even if that does not help, post a comment on it and ask us. Artworks submitted in the wrong folders are declined entry. At first we will inform you about it but if you keep on doing the same mistake over and over again your submission will be declined without an explanation.

If you use purchased stuff, it's fine if you write "3D content purchased/bought at,, etc.", if you use freebies, a credit is necessary! We are not very strict about it, but keep the copyright holder in mind. You also won't like to see your stuff used without a credit.

If you think your work does not fit our concept, please consider watching the group instead of joining. When we accept you as a member we will judge your submissions according to our rules, so please read them first to avoid any misunderstandings.

Weekly Stats

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Also take a look at the gallerys of our fabulous afflitates!


Gallery Folders

Abstract and Fractals
3D Typographie
3D Animations
Promo Renders
Dear Members and Fellow Deviants.

We would like to inform everyone that our quest, finding new Administrators for the group, has concluded; and with huge success I might add.
We are very fortunate to welcome, Whalzz, Regus-Ttef, Ascavilya & artofmnaut amongst our ranks and we are certain that the selflessness  they showed in stepping up and volunteering will also inspire the rest of us to keep this group going and growing and most of all serving the amazing 3D artists that find “shelter” here on Deviantart.

Now I promised to keep this journal short thus I will restrain myself from saying anything other than:

Don’t neglect to visit our new Administrators galleries since these guys ROCK!

Santus Brightblade
on behalf of 3D-i-Vision
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Ariel-X Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for your support :love:
V3Digitimes Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for accepting me!
Flopa Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Student Filmographer
Hi, I'm an animation student. I wanted to join your group but my membership request has been declined. I had no comment or reply explaining why was it declined, and I would like to know why. I just want to share some of my 3d work, like this one:…

Why am I being rejected? Thank you for your time.
hsoj95 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a question about what folder I should submit one of my images to. The name of it is "Wine Glass Furnace" and, as the name says, it is designed to look like some wine glasses coming out of a furnace. I don't know what folder it should be submitted to. It should either go in the "Objects" folder or the "Abstract" folder. Though it is just technically an image of wine glasses, it doesn't really look like any of the images in the Objects folder. To me, it has more of an abstract feel.

Here is the link to the image:

I will be happy to submit it to the right folder. I just don't want to be "That Guy" and submit it to the wrong folder.

SantusBrightblade Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
I believe it belongs in both.
Choose whichever you prefer.
hsoj95 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :) (Smile) 
DaphnevonHinten Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
Hi!  thx for requesting "Lips"
doubleyah Featured By Owner May 12, 2014   General Artist
You declined my request for membership without reason. Really rude. 
SantusBrightblade Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
Feel free to inquire for the reasons through your group membership process message.
If you have accidentally or willingly deleted that message, you can always re-find it via…
doubleyah Featured By Owner May 12, 2014   General Artist
You didn't reply. I guess it is one of those mysteries of the universe.
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